California – an unforgettable summer road trip

“Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turn you into a storyteller” – Battuta.

For a visual person like me the best stories are the ones documented by an unique collection of pictures, moments suspended in time, tiny little piece of a wonderful world captured through a viewfinder.

Travel (on the top ten of my passions) + photography (at the 2nd place) = Ileana at her best ūüėČ

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A gorgeous Turks & Caicos woman portrait

4 years ago I had the chance to meet and photograph Ms Dulette Рa gorgeous Turks & Caicos woman.  She loved the photo shoot experience and chose to gift herself a second session, celebrating her birthday with a collection of fabulous portraits.

Like fine wine, Dulette gets better with age. She rocked a natural short hair look, a perfect figure, 3 stunning outfits, fabulous high heels, a amazing smile and the cutest dimples.

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Plan B: a simple and beautiful Leeward Beach wedding

Sandra and Julio planned to board the Atabeyra, set sail for a private beach ceremony, enjoy food and drinks while cruising along the Turks & Caicos shores ’till sunset. But plans and dreams do not always come true. Hurricane Irma forced the couple to opt for Plan B:¬†a simple and beautiful Leeward Beach wedding. The deserted beach welcomed the newlyweds and their friends for the intimate ceremony, while Mango Reef Restaurant hosted the dinner party.

They were surrounded by turquoise water and the sunset colours… after all, dreams come true.

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Turks & Caicos photo shoot – summer pineapple trend and much more

I’m delighted to share this styled fashion Turks and Caicos photo shoot with professional model Madison Morgan. A combination of colors, trend, beauty, sexiness and island vibe.

When Scott first contacted the fabulous Shenique, at Sheque Style, to style his girlfriend’s Turks and Caicos photo shoot, little did we know that we were going to work with a stunning model.

Shenique chose the outfits, picked the trend, look and style for the fashion shoot. We then discussed the locations, backgrounds and feel of the images. A perfect cooperation with amazing results.

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The Tuscany Grace Bay – it’s Turks & Caicos vacation time!

We are now three weeks post hurricane Irma and one week post Maria and pleased to report that most resorts along Grace Bay are open for business and taking booking for the upcoming season.

The Tuscany Resort and The Venetian Resort are officially re-opening tomorrow, October 1st, with a special 40% discount for stays during the month of October.

Be inspired by Laura and Evan’s honeymoon shoot: sun, sea, love, fun, relax – a vacation of a lifetime.

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A fabulous Persian Wedding at Beach House Turks & Caicos

Destination weddings are beautiful but often the traditional elements are sacrificed and left at home. Not this time. Lauren and Sal’s Wedding at Beach House Turks & Caicos brought a touch of Persia to the Islands, filling the day with joy, colors, smiles and ceremonial traditions  that have been practiced for thousand of years.

One of my favorite is the Kalleh Ghand (sugar cones): during the ceremony happily married woman rub the cones together over the ‚Äúghand cloth‚ÄĚ while held over the couple‚Äôs head to shower their life and marriage with sweetness.

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A beautiful wedding at The Alexandra Resort on Grace Bay

Writing a wedding post after the passage of hurricane Irma feels strange: the devastation and sadness are hard to face, but the Turks and Caicos survived the monster. One day everything will be repaired and shining just like the sun. Thanks to all the beautiful people that are working hard to restore, help, clean and rebuild, hurricane Irma will be simply a good lesson and another story to tell.

Borrowing my friend’s electricity (I have no power nor internet¬†connection at my home and studio), I’m pleased to share Erin and Rob’s wedding at the Alexandra Resort, on Grace Bay. They have been waring patiently for their wedding pictures and finally I can share a few of them with you. We all need a reason to smile and think about happy days, past and future.

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Turks and Caicos destination elopement with a splash

It’s a Turks and Caicos¬†destination elopement that officially sealed Angelique and Dan’s 20 years relationship. A sunny, hot, glorious August morning, the pristine Leeward beach, the cutout of their beautiful dogs and a big splash in the ocean – just like the dreamed about it.

A shout out to the people that added a special touch to the wedding: Chrishell, Nila Destinations amazing planner; the one and only Pastor Sherlock Padmore; Shenique, Sheque Perfection talented hairdresser and makeup artist, Flowers by EA for the gorgeous bouquet.

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Bride + Bride Turks & Caicos Trash the Dress – fabulous!

Turks & Caicos Trash the Dress: my favorite! When I have 2 fabulous brides and 2 white dresses to soak in the turquoise Caribbean water, the fun doubles!

Dannika and Ryann got married at the beginning of July and, instead of planning a big fancy wedding, they chose an intimate affair and two memorable photo shoots. The first one at home, on the big day, the second one during their honeymoon in Turks & Caicos.

I love everything that’s different, artistic, creative and beautiful. This¬†Turks & Caicos Trash the Dress¬†certainly has it!

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A graceful Turks Caicos Family Portrait with a dancing twist

In most cases it’s mom that makes all the arrangements to book a ¬†beautiful Turks Caicos Family Portrait, while dad simply “comes along”. But what happens when dad is a passionate amateur photographer? He books a three hours session, stands as an assistant,¬†gets all the images and, most important, he has a blast!

This is the story of Dwight and his gorgeous girls. From Villa del Mar, in Grace Bay, to Long Bay and Leeward beach. A special afternoon spent together creating precious memories.

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